Woman Doing a Yoga Pose on Rock Wall from Release Yoga

Yoga Etiquette Guidelines

We love our yogis and our studio, and we want to provide a fantastic experience for everyone. Please practice “Tapas” (self-discipline) at Release Yoga by observing the following yoga etiquette guidelines:

Arrive early to class  Arrive Early to Class

MAT YOGA: Give yourself 15 minutes to unpack your belongings in the cubbies and settle in for class. We highly encourage you stay until the end of class to not disturb those who are enjoying their savasana. We understand that running late happens occasionally; therefore, desk yogis may (at their discretion) allow you to enter up to 3 minutes late.  If you are permitted to enter by the desk yogi, please slip in quietly and take your place. If you are not permitted to join the class due to late arrival, please practice non-violence and be kind to our team members! If you are attending an early morning class, please be aware that a desk yogi is not scheduled and the teachers will lock the front door at the start of class.
AERIAL YOGA:  For the safety of everyone, late arrivals are not permitted.  Please remove all jewelry (best left in your car!) or allow the instructor to tape up anything that could catch on the hammocks with athletic tape for safety.

No cell phones allowed  No Cellphones Allowed in the Studio 

No, nope, no way...don’t even think about it! There are few times throughout our day where we have the opportunity to unplug and detach from technology. Please respect this rule and the experience of others and leave your cellphone (even one that is turned off or on mute) with your other personal belongings out of the studio. We have plenty of cubbies for your personal belongings and a desk yogi to watch over them.
SKY STUDIO CUBBIES:  Please be sure your cell phones are turned to silent and vibration is off. 


Love your neighbor  Love Your Neighbor

As our studios continue to grow, so do our class sizes! For large class sizes, please place your mat within a designated “mat zone” and make room for others with a smile!


Respect your fellow yogis with silence  Respect Your Fellow Yogis with Silence

For many yogis, each class is an escape and a time to wind down and zen out! Please respect this by keeping your voices soft and unrolling your mat out with courtesy. No snapping out your yoga mat to the floor! Settle into your space and quietly say hello to your neighbors before class begins. For our extra social yogis - grab a tea and chat with your friend in the boutique area before and/or after class!

Wear proper attire  Wear Proper Yoga Attire

We know that yoga leads to awesome spirits and bodies. Sharing your love is always welcomed. Sharing your personal parts? Not so much. Please wear appropriate clothing. Men, please wear shirts and ladies, you should know all of the rules by now! 

Practice Ahimsa (non-violence)  Practice Ahimsa (Non-violence)

Practicing non-violence (ahimsa in Sanskrit) at the studio means coming into the space in a peaceful way. Gossip, angry complaining, and negative attitudes are best left at the door. Our energy and attitudes have the power to affect every one we come into contact with, so bring your best to yoga for a safe, uplifting, truthful environment!  Abuse towards our team in any way will not be tolerated ... just don't go there, yogis! 


Other stuff your mama told you  Other Stuff That Your Mama Already Told You

Keep our studio beautiful for everyone by wiping down your mat and practice area. Please place towels, recyclable items and trash in one of our many receptacles and remember you can't chew gum and breathe at the same time.


Be Kind, Be Patient, Be Your Best!