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Yoga Teacher Training

Ready to begin a very special journey that may just change your life and the lives of others?  We offer several options for those who want to give the gift of yoga back to others including Yoga Alliance Certified RYT200, Continuing Education and *coming soon* RYT 500 hour training. 

Our RYT 200, 500 and Continuing Education Teacher Training Programs have been custom designed for busy people who want to become mindful and well-rounded yoga instructors while maintaining balance in their lives.  We offer two approaches to obtaining your RYT 200 level as well as ongoing Continuing Education workshops and events to help keep your skills current.  We will soon be launching a RYT 500 level program in 2017/2018, so please stay tuned! 

RYT 200
The Release 200 RYT hour program is considered one of the most well-rounded programs in the area. We are rooted in the Vinyasa Flow style, but honor the many styles and traditions of yoga by bringing together locally and internationally renowned Master Teachers. Programming covers a variety of topics per Yoga Alliance guidelines and also allows your to explore other in areas of personal interest. Over 200 hours, you will deepen your yoga practice and ultimately develop into a skillful teacher/leader who can help others to "Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Whole".  In addition, trainees will participate in home study, written assignments, field trips outside of the studio, practice hours, community service (SEVA), and extensive real-time teaching experience.

Winter Session (January - August):  Classes begin in early January and meet approximately every other weekend (Saturday and Sunday) through graduation in late August. Specific dates/times will be finalized in November and communicated to enrolled Teacher Trainees at the first session.  Think of this option as a our "nice and easy" program that allows you to soak in the training experience over 8 months. 

Summer Session (June - August):  Same content as our Winter session, at a faster pace.  Classes begin in June and meet most Tuesdays and Thursdays ~9 am - 5pm during June and July.  TTs are also offered opportunities to meet Yoga Alliance requirements through additional weekend sessions, workshops and events, graduating in late August with their Winter Session peers. Specific dates/times will be finalized in April and communicated to enrolled Teacher Trainees at the first session. 

We avoid training sessions on major holidays as life balance and time with family are important to each of us!

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education
We offer ongoing continuing education opportunities that range from 1-3 hour workshops to full weekend immersions with regionally and internationally renowned yoga teachers. Please watch for announcements regarding upcoming events and workshops.

RYT 300 
Our 300 level program that will lead to an (E)RYT 500 is in development ... we will be sure to announce details as they evolve! 

Program Instructors:

Release is proud to offer a highly collaborative program that brings together the talents of:

Special Guests
• Deborah Adele - E-RYT 500 | Author of "The Yamas & Niyamas"
• Sandy Gross - E-RYT 500
• Tracy Rhinehart - E-RYT 500
• Kerry Tice - E-RYT 500 & Founder of CircuSoul 
• Dr. Tim Vierheller - Doctor of Chiropractic

Release Team Members
• Pattie Wagner - E-RYT 200 / YACEP
• A Variety of Release Yoga Instructors

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200 Hour TT Pricing:

We offer 3 payment options ... Please contact Pattie Wagner at for additional information. 
  • Early Bird Paid In Full  
  • Regular Paid In Full
  • Payment Plan ... A signed contract is required

*Please note: Pricing does not include costs of required books.  All TT tuition fees are non-refundable, non-transferable.  Contractual obligations will be enforced. 

Teacher Training Program Perks:

  • Unlimited yoga classes (dates coincide with TT dates)
  • 10% off Release teacher led workshops
  • 10% off boutique items
  • 1 free 30 minute relaxation massage
  • A life changing experience! 

Begin Your Journey


The journey to become a yoga teacher requires a deep commitment to not only yourself, but your fellow yoga teacher trainees. Full program participation is necessary in order to meet curriculum requirements set forth by the Yoga Alliance. In the event you cannot attend a teacher training session, make-up hours will be required for program completion. We do our best to offer multiple make-up hour opportunities, but some may require additional investment from the student. Please note, enrollment does not guarantee certification and is at the discretion of the studio owner based upon attendance and quality of participation. A minimum of 6 months of committed yoga practice is strongly suggested prior to starting the Release Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Take the first step and begin your yoga teacher training journey by emailing us @ today!


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