Teacher Training Dates

*Please note: Dates are as firm as possible. They are subject to change with clear advance communication to program participants.

Classes begin in June and meet most Tuesdays and Thursdays ~9 am - 5pm during June and July.  TTs are also offered opportunities to meet Yoga Alliance requirements through additional weekend sessions, workshops and events, graduating in late August with their Winter Session peers. 

2018 Pricing and specific dates/times will be finalized in March/April and communicated during our to be scheduled info session.  Please stay tuned in for info and don't hesitate to contact us before then with your program interest! 


Through this training, we aim to expand your personal growth, deepen your yoga practice, and ultimately develop you into a passionate teacher who can lead others to

"Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Whole."


We are excited to announce the general details of our 2018 Summer 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program!  Our goal is to develop trainees into effective teachers with a solid foundation of yoga so that their unique personalities can shine confidently at the front of the classroom.

Summer 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Students

Our summer program has been custom designed for busy yogis who want to maintain balance in their personal and professional lives. Anchored in a vinyasa flow methodology, our program will begin in June and meet most Tuesdays and Thursdays ~ 9 am - 5pm during June and July. Additional coursework includes off-site sessions, written assignments, practice hours, SEVA (community service), and live teaching and assisting experiences. We also allow for limited make-up opportunities if you run into a schedule hiccup here or there.


Interested in applying?
Email us at hello@releaseyoga.com.  We will then forward you our application form which will be reviewed once you have paid the $39 non-refundable application fee.  Program admission includes a brief interview with Release Studio Owner, Pattie Wagner to help answer your questions and make sure Release is the right program for your goals.