Yoga on the Road: How to Keep Your Zen While Traveling

By: Natalie Ault


Traveling is the best, but the commute to getting there whether plane, train, or automobile can take a toll on our bodies. Whether your hotel bed isn't the most comfortable or your trip includes touring all over the city, you need the energy and mobility to keep up. 

Yoga has the ability to awaken the body, provides strength and flexibility, works out the mind-body-soul, restores mental energy and stamina, and also promotes relaxation and calmness. I want to share with you ways to get your yoga in no matter where you are no mat needed! I also find that yoga helps me tune in with all the yoga therapy listed above, making my trip even better. I like to get at least 10-15 minutes in when I first wake up to get me ready for whatever lies ahead in my day.

Lets start the day by greeting it with the light within us, stretching our bodies, and filling us with energy. Sun salutations are a workout which put us in sync with our breath and our body.

Sun Salutations:
1.) Standing with hands by sides, palm forward - Samasthiti
2.) Inhale, raise arms - Mountain Pose
3.) Exhale, bend forward from hips, relax head, knees straight - Forward Fold
4.) Inhale, step right leg forward into a lunge, hands framing right foot - Runners lunge
5.) Exhale, bring right foot back to meet left, hips up and back, head hangs between arms - Downward Facing Dog
6.) Inhale then exhale lowering knees, chest, and chin to the floor - Chatarunga
7.) Inhale, push chest forward, arms extend -Cobra
8.) Exhale, push up and back - Downward Facing Dog
9.) Inhale, step left leg forward into a lunge, hands frame left foot - Runners Lunge
10.) Exhale, step right foot up to meet the left, hinge at hips - Forward fold
11.) Inhale, rise up to stand, bringing hands overhead, look up - Mountain pose
12.) Exhale, bring hands down to sides, palms forward - Samasthiti

Take your time when going through the salutations. Use your yogi breath in the nose and out the nose to get in sync with the mind and body. You can hold poses as long as it serves your body. You can flow through the series as many times as you need.

One of my favorite poses to do while traveling is "Legs Up The Wall." This pose helps with edema of the legs and feet, circulation of the blood through the body, and helps with relaxation. To get in the pose lay on your back, take the legs up and rest on a wall (or headboard), take your arms out to side palms facing up, and relax. Try it out for a couple minutes before you go to sleep. You will not be disappointed in the results.

To add on to the experience you can start or end with an easy seat for meditation. Simply find a comfortable seat, bring hands to Namaste or rested on your knees, eyes softly shut, and use your breath. Starting out try it for a minute or two, eventually staying like this for up to five minutes, or longer if you have time. Use this time to let your thoughts float in and out, recite a mantra, or give yourself an intention. This mindfulness to yourself can help with our hyper-speed world, staying centered and grounded, bringing you to the now, and any overstimulation we may feel.

I love to travel and the more I can travel the better, but I do not want to lose my practice just because I am away from the studio. When I travel it can be fun to find new studios and see what they have to offer, but many times due to location or my trips time schedule that can make it impossible. Let your yoga give you what you need to stay charged and ready to have the best vacation experience.

About Natalie Ault:

Natalie's yoga practice has been evolving over the past decade. She has completed her 200 hour RYT training through Release Yoga Studio and is now certified through Yoga Alliance. She has been influenced by an assortment of yoga workshops, studios, and other fitness interests. Her classes are just like her personality.. upbeat, challenging, igniting, and true! She knows how important it is to be mindful of your own body and recognizes that every soul has its own brilliance.

Natalie's authenticity for her yoga practice has strengthened her mind-body-spirit! She aspires to help you discover that realization as well. She has no doubt that yoga is made for everyBODY and welcomes you with an open heart. Roll out your mat and get ready to awaken, recharge, and let your core shine.