The Pathway to Setting Intentions


They say intentions are where dreams start, and, if you think about it, that’s pretty true. What projects have you started based on a desire to better your life? But, what’s also true is that we easily get distracted from them.

You’ve probably been in a yoga class when half-way through, the teacher asks you to come back to the intention you set for yourself at the beginning of your practice. That gentle reminder comes from a place of knowing that we are all human and straying from our intentions is inevitable as life’s obstacles get in the way.

But, setting and keeping intentions for your practice is, well, a good practice. It gives the mind and the body something to look forward to. Our whole being wants us to be happy and healthy. Our minds and physical bodies crave it. So, here are 4 steps you can take to begin your pathway to intention setting.

1.) Start Small
Setting an intention for yourself doesn’t have to be a big project. Starting on a small scale will keep it manageable and consistent throughout your practice. At the beginning of your practice, try doing a mental body scan. How does your mind and body feel? As you flow through your practice, use your breath to bring new perspectives.

2.) Quiet the Noise
We have so many things going on in our lives that bring stress, doubt and worry. But, intentions work best when they’re set from a place of confidence. Know that you’ve come to that intention because you want it for yourself. So, hush out the thoughts of doubt and bring in the positivity.

3.) Heighten Your Awareness
Draw your intention inward, focusing on your breath and creating a sacred space within yourself. Repeating your intention, notice how the words make you feel with each breath in and out. Coming in to a heightened awareness of your body’s reactions to the intention will build its power. When your focus is pure, all else will fall into place.

4.) Let it Go
I’m not referencing the oh-so popular Frozen movie. Although it certainly could be a point of inspiration! I’m suggesting to let go of any expectations. We often focus on achieving a specific goal that we can lose sight of any important teachings. Be mindful in your practice, but let the universe guide you to the outcome; don’t try to control it. There is no wrong or right result -- As the old saying goes, “Que Sera Sera”! How comforting is that?!

Now that you’ve gained some insight on why intention setting is important and how to best practice it, try it out during your next yoga class or meditation session. Let us know your experience in the comments below!