Madison Alvis

Aside from yoga some of my hobbies are photography and trying and learning more about saving our earth and the oceans. Save the sea turtles and recycle! I also have my Associates degree in education and plan to continue my education. I have a passion for kids and animals! I'm a cat mom and I have a very handsome little hamster.
  • My teaching style is: Flow, I like when everything flows together.

  • My favorite yoga pose is: Tree pose.  I love balancing poses!

  • Yoga has helped me overcome: Some anxiety and thoughts of thinking I can't do (or overcome) challenges.

  • I love my: Legs because they are what hold me up everyday and in most poses.

  • My favorite deity is: Krishna because he is the God of love and compassion because I
    think those are the most important qualities a person can have.

  • You must try this healthy snack: Raspberries stuffed with mango! My two favorite fruits! :-)

  • My favorite Sanskrit word is: Maitri (generous compassion) because I believe if you show everyone kindness and love you will change lives.

  • My advice for beginning yogis is: Don't give up and throw all sterotypes you think about yoga out the window.

  • I’m most grateful for: God, my family, and my friends.

  • The most exotic place I’ve
    practiced yoga is: North Carolina in the water or on the side of a mountain in Yosemite national park in California.

  • If I could practice yoga with
    anyone it would be:  Anyone who thinks yoga isn't helpful because I could help them and teach them the importance of yoga.

  • My super power is: trusting people very easily and feeling empathy for anyone!
  • My one wish for the world is: To be kind to everyone, including our earth and animals.

Madison Alvis is currently not instructing any classes.