Maddy Ritenour

Maddy recently graduated from Kent State University with her BS in community health education. She hopes to find a career helping others find their own balance in health and wellness through yoga and education. She first began practicing yoga at Release and fell in love with it immediately. She is a huge animal lover and loves to learn and try new things.

  • My favorite pose is: child’s pose because it is a place of rest in my practice that I know I can come back to my breath in.
  • Yoga has helped me overcome: my struggles with anxiety and stress, and learning to appreciate my body.
  • I love my arms because: I continue to see them get stronger through different asanas that I once couldn’t do.
  • My favorite deity is Ganesha because: he represents knowledge and all of his physical features represent so many important characteristics we should live by.
  • You must try this healthy snack: Air “fried” potato or zucchini fries sprinkled with a little bit of Old Bay seasoning - it’s the best!
  • My favorite Sanskrit word or phrase is drishti because: it means to focus or concentrate, and it serves as a reminder to set your focus ahead of you and continue to concentrate both in a yoga class or in life.
  • My advice for beginning yogis is: Don’t focus on the other people in the room. You will get so much more out of your practice if you focus on yourself. I promise nobody is looking at you!
  • I’m most grateful for: My amazing family and friends that always support me.
  • My hero is: my mom. She is the strongest, most selfless & loving person I know & my best friend all in one!
  • My one wish for the world is: that we can live in harmony with animals, each other & the Earth without harming one another.

Maddy Ritenour instructs the following:
  • Namastizzle
  • Have fun with a combination of hip hop beats and classic vinyasa flow sequences that make for an intense and challenging experience. This is a high intensity class that combines strength, creativity and raw self-expression, in the music and practice alike. Full on rap music (yep, there will be swears), twerks, and fun. Don't bring the kiddos to this one gang!
    Temperature: 90°

  • Meditation & Movement
  • Explore the immense benefits of mindful meditation including deep relaxation, increased optimism, pain relief, and decreased anxiety and/or depression. Many struggle with developing a meditation practice due to the prolonged sitting. Combined with guidance and gentle, periodic movement, mediation becomes much more accessible to all.
    Temperature: 72-74° 

  • $5 Hot Power - (5:30 am Class Only)