$5 Hot Power - (5:30 am Class Only)

This class is taught by:

Rachel Hartong

My teaching style is: Growing and evolving as I continue to learn more about myself through teaching others and through my own yoga practice.

My favorite yoga pose is: Supta Bhada Konasana—it’s gentle enough to ease into practice, but intense enough to start to bring awareness to the body and breath.


Yoga has helped me overcome: Stress and anxiety and has helped to gain self confidence.


I love my smile because it’s uniquely mine and it makes other people happy to see a smiling face. Research has shown that people who smile more lead happier and healthier lives than those who smile less.


You must try this healthy snack: Hummus and veggie wraps.


My favorite Sanskrit word or phrase is Namaste there is a Divine spark and light in each of us. The gesture is the acknowledgement of the soul in one by the soul in another.


My advice for beginning yogis is: You are unique and so is your yoga practice! Be kind to yourself on your mats.


I’m most grateful for: The support of my husband and 4 children and the rest of my family and friends.


The most exotic place I’ve practiced yoga is: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.


My heroes are: My grandma. She has been there to support me and encourage me since I can remember. She has been a huge help to our family and loves my children dearly.


My one wish for the world is: That we are all able to work together for the greater good of everyone. 

Sydney Corbin

Sydney came to her mat at Release about two years ago. Her journey to crafting this life has been a colorful one. As a disciple of Christ, she has found that yoga can be one of many ways she connects with God. You can count on a fiery flow in her classes with a heavy emphasis on the use of breath as a tool to cleanse the mind and body. Sydney has a burning desire to lead her students on a path of falling in love with yoga and growing towards the knowledge of their true self.


My teaching style is: Challenging, authentic, and explorative. I love pushing my practice to the edge and playing with new movements.    I love my core because: It's strong and powerful. It holds the fire to my practice. You must try this healthy snack: Avocado and tomato on whole grain seed toast.

My favorite Sanskrit word or phrase is ... because: Ahimsa: Nonharmning.“Ahimsa” is as the absence of violence but also conscious consideration and love for one’s self and others.

My advice for beginning yogis is: Remember that your practice is an individual process. No one else is inside your body, Listen to it and respect what it tells you. 

I’m most grateful for:Every twist and turn in the road that lead me to where I am today. Because it led me to exactly where I'm meant to be - RIGHT HERE!  The most exotic place I’ve practiced yoga is: Off the grid in the mountains of Oahu, Hawaii!

Erika Anderson

Erika is the Studio Director at release, as well as a RYT 200. She has been practicing yoga for a little over 7 years. She has fallen in love with not only the physical changes that yoga has made in her life, but also the release from stress yoga brings her. Her passion is teaching and taking high intensity Hot Power classes! 

  • My favorite yoga pose is: Half Pigeon. Its such a great emotion release pose.
  • Yoga has helped me overcome: Stress. I hold on to a ton of things that I shouldn't, and yoga has given me a sense of peace in my life.
  • I love my shoulders because: They are small and feminine, yet they are such a source of strength.
  • You must try this healthy snack: Honey Crisp apples with whipped peanut butter. 
  • My advice for beginning yogis is: To just give it a try. It was so life changing for me, I truly believe everyone should give it a shot at least once.
  • I am most greatful for: My mom, she is such a strong independent person, and I wouldn't be who I am today without her.
  • The most exotic place I've practiced yoga is: My favorite city in the world, NYC!
  • If I could practice yoga with anyone it would be my boyfriend Joe Bailey because: I am DETERMINED to get him on a mat!
  • My hero is: Beyonce. She is a powerful, intelligent woman who has built quite an empire for herself. 
  • My once wish for the world: Is for everyone to slow down. So much of our lives pass us by, and we don't soak it in.

Jackie Kurdila

Jackie finds great pleasure and reward in practicing mindfulness and yoga. She wants to share with her clients the gift of massage and healing touch. Her passion is finding, and helping others, find balance.

  • Favorite yoga pose: Sirsasana-Headstand.

  • Yoga helped me overcome: Depression in different stages of my life.

  • You must try this healthy snack: roasted seaweed in sesame seed oil.

  • Favorite Sanskrit word: Om- because it is the essence of the universe.

  • My advice for beginning yogis: Honor where you are NOW.

  • I'm most grateful for: Every day I get to be here.

  • The most exotic place I've practiced yoga: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic for an Aerial Circus Retreat.

  • If I could practice yoga with anyone it would be: Jiddu Krishnamurti when he was alive and well because I love his books and I think it would be fun to see him in action.

  • I'm Excited to take my yoga practice to the next level because: I enjoy the journey of learning about myself.

  • My heroes are: a few close friends and family who showed me love when I needed it most.

  • My one wish for the world: To take care of each other and our earth we share.

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