Family Fun Aerial Yoga! - $16 Adult / $12 Kiddos Ages 6-13

This class is taught by:

Nikki Cvammen

Nikki is attends Kent State Stark and is studying Music Technology and Audio Recording. She loves to sing, compose music, teach yoga, do art and eat!. The number one thing on her bucket list is to visit and camp under the Northern Lights.
  • My favorite yoga pose is: Tripod.


  • Yoga has helped me overcome: Stress and self-consciousness


  • I love my heart because it is my center and helps me make new relationships.


  • My favorite goddess is Athena she is the symbol for wisdom and strength, which I find very important in my life.


  • You must try this healthy snack: celery juice, you put celery stalks in a blender and drink the juice. It’s a fun twist to eating a healthy snack and it's very refreshing.


  • My favorite Sanskrit word or phrase is Bhakti because its root word is “bhai” which means to love and worship God. I love this word because it reminds me that I can worship the Lord along with doing my practice.


  • My advice for beginning yogis is: Breathe, it's the most important part of everything we do.


  • I’m most grateful for: My family and opportunities I have been blessed with.


  • The most exotic place I’ve practiced yoga is: In the middle of a river on a huge rock! Frightening, but also exhilarating. 


  • If I could practice yoga with anyone it would be Michael Scott.
  • I’m ecstatic to take my yoga to the next level because: I cannot wait to succeed at positions that I cannot get currently and I just love doing yoga, it's a part of my life now.


  • My heroes are: God and my mom.


  • My super power is: staying calm when others are freaking out, and offering a helping hand when needed.
  • My one wish for the world is: Appreciate the little things and the natural bliss of the Earth.

Jill Sandefur

Jill is a self proclaimed tree hugging, bee keeping, ocean conserving, shark loving, garden tending, aerial yoga fanatic, clothesline drying hippie just trying to make the world a better place!
My teaching style is: Very fun and laid back. Nothing too serious in my classes.


My favorite yoga pose is: Tree Pose.


Yoga has helped me overcome: Yoga has helped me learn to relax.


I love my tattoos because they tell stories from my life!


My favorite deity or god/goddess is Gaia because without her we’d be nothing!


You must try this healthy snack: Local honey!!


My favorite Sanskrit word or phrase is Prithvi, because it means “earth” and I will always stand for what I stand on!


My advice for beginning yogis is: We all start as beginners!


I’m most grateful for: Being able to have done all the things in my life that got me to this point!


The most exotic place I’ve practiced yoga is: Sand dunes in Mosselbaai, South Africa.


If I could practice yoga with anyone it would be my sister because we always do things together!


I’m determined to take my yoga to the next level because I like to set goals for myself.


My heroes are: My sister.


My super power is making a healthier, better version of anything you can find in the beauty, pharmacy or cleaning section at the store. And making any kind of jam or applesauce you want!

My one wish for the world is: That she thrives and survives with or without humans!


Want to experience increased body awareness, mindful consciousness and help build self-esteem in your little ones?

Help kiddos conquer fears and learn new skills by learning fun new aerial activities! This special class gives children ages 6-13 an opportunity to participate along side mom, dad, aunts, grandparents ... anyone that they love!

As a gentle reminder, normally our hammocks are reserved for ages 14 and up ... this special class gives the kiddos and early teens a chance to play and explore under the careful supervision by 2 of our fully aerial yoga certified teachers. 

A few guidelines: An adult must enroll and be in attendance at all times (sorry, no child drop offs).  Each child must be enrolled separately and a parent/guardian will need to sign off on a liability waiver for each child. 

Limit of 14 spots! 


Please note, this workshop requires a 3 person pre-enrollment minimum to run.  If there are not 3 people signed up within 36 hours of the workshop, it will be cancelled. Please help us support this policy by signing up for workshops days in advance!