Warm Flow

This class is taught by:

Jordan Smith

  • My teaching style is: Fast-paced, energetic, and encouraging. I believe everyone should have a chance to do yoga without intimidation, so I like to be open and friendly to all students to ensure they have the best experience possible!

  • My favorite yoga pose is: Any forward folds for deep stretch and flexibility, and Dancers Pose when I’m feeling adventurous!

  • Yoga has helped me overcome: My anxiety as a whole. Throughout my yoga journey, I’ve learned how to curb my anxiety and channel that energy into my practice and my every day life.

  • I love my booty because:  I used to hate how big it is, now I embrace it and continue to challenge its strength with lots of chair pose!

  • My favorite deity or god/goddess is Durga because she embodies female empowerment and strength.

  • You must try this healthy snack: Black Bean Brownies! You can’t even tell that they’re vegan, gluten-free, and full of fiber!

  • My favorite Sanskrit word or phrase is Dhyana (meditation) because I feel it is an essential part of a well-rounded practice.

  • My advice for beginning yogis is: Just start!  Use all the reasons you are afraid or anxious to practice as fuel for your flow. Be open to new experiences with your body and mind, and get on your mat!

  • I’m most grateful for: My mental health and wellness. I used to take my beautiful mind for granted, now I fuel and feed it with yoga, a plant-based diet, and continuous reading and learning.

  • The most exotic place I’ve practiced yoga is: On a beach in Bali, Indonesia. It was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had.

  • If I could practice yoga with anyone it would be Tirumalai Krishnamacharya because his approach to yoga and his teachings have inspired many generations of yogis, including myself.

  • I’m excited to take my yoga to the next level because there is still a lot to learn and I’m committed to being a life-long student of yoga and of the world!

  • My heroes are: Every woman who came before me and pushed for change. One of my favorite poets, Rupi Kaur, said it best: “I stand on the sacrifices of a million women before me, thinking what can I do to make this mountain taller so the women after me can see farther?”

  • My one wish for the world is: To be more kind. If we all spread just a little more kindness, the world would be a much better place.

Tonya Harriman-Fowler (E-RYT 200)

Tonya Harriman-Fowler has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and a esthetician for the past 16 years. She feels that taking care of the body as a whole is the best approach. Yoga feeds her body and mind and she opes to make it a bigger part of her life.
  • I Got Into Massage Because: I enjoyed receiving massages myself and was very aware of the therapeutic benefits. Massage is a great stress reducer as well as an all over better health influence. I wanted to share this experience with others while educating clients as to the benefits of massage. Touch is key. Every person should incorporate massage into their lives. It is a necessity, not a luxury.


  • Yoga and Massage Has: Helped me live in the now, reduce stress and discomfort, increase flexibility and be more aware how important my health is.


  • My Favorite Music is: THE 80’S!!!


  • I Love My: Hands because of the relief, pleasure, and comfort they can provide to others. I also love my 3 4-legged children; Boozoo, Bear, and Binky.


  • My Advice for a Beginning Yogi or Massage Client is:Just do it! Quit talking about trying it and just walk in or call to schedule. I drove past the Release studio for almost a year telling myself I would stop in one of these days…so glad I did! Wished I hadn’t waited so long. Release is a great place to be a part of and great people work here!


  • I Am Most Grateful For: My SUPER supportive husband David.


  • My Healthy Snack: KIND bars for something sweet. I have one in my purse and tote bag at all times.


  • My Heros Are: My clients!


  • My Wish For the World: More respect and education for animal advocacy.

Yoga Dave Ajamie (E-RYT 200 / YACEP)

Dave Ajamie attended his first yoga class at while working at IBH in 2013. It was a perfect fit for him! He loves helping people on and off their mat, so much so, that he's affectionately been nicknamed "Yoga Dave."

  • My teaching style is: Peaceful and powerful. I love the inner peace and outer strength that your mat can bring you!
  • My favorite yoga pose is: Vrkasana (tree pose). With all its variations, it’s a perfect combination of peace and strength.
  • Yoga has helped me overcome: The chaos of life. Coming to my mat always brings me back in harmony with what is good in life.
  • My favorite music to practice to is: Anything upbeat with positive energy!
  • My favorite sanskrit word is: Namaste, because it acknowledges the beauty in all of us.
  • You must try this healthy snack: Kale chips. They’re good for you, but more importantly, they’re delicious!
  • My advice for beginning yogis is: KNOW that every moment you are Trying to get better, YOU are Already getting better in Anything you do!
  • I’m most grateful for: Love of all forms. Connecting with other people and sharing love is life’s purpose.
  • The most exotic place that I’ve practiced yoga is: On a standup paddleboard, it’s a great experience!
  • If I could practice yoga with anyone, it would be: Tao Porchon Lynch! I have been honored to have accomplished this! She is absolutely amazing and an inspiration to us all!
  • I’m inspired to take my yoga to the next level: Every time I get on my mat. There’s always something that inspires me from my mat.
  • My heroes are: Anyone who takes time and help people before anything else they had to do.
  • My one wish for the world is: That we would all just love one another and treat each other accordingly.

Maddy Ritenour

Maddy recently graduated from Kent State University with her BS in community health education. She hopes to find a career helping others find their own balance in health and wellness through yoga and education. She first began practicing yoga at Release and fell in love with it immediately. She is a huge animal lover and loves to learn and try new things.

  • My favorite pose is: child’s pose because it is a place of rest in my practice that I know I can come back to my breath in.
  • Yoga has helped me overcome: my struggles with anxiety and stress, and learning to appreciate my body.
  • I love my arms because: I continue to see them get stronger through different asanas that I once couldn’t do.
  • My favorite deity is Ganesha because: he represents knowledge and all of his physical features represent so many important characteristics we should live by.
  • You must try this healthy snack: Air “fried” potato or zucchini fries sprinkled with a little bit of Old Bay seasoning - it’s the best!
  • My favorite Sanskrit word or phrase is drishti because: it means to focus or concentrate, and it serves as a reminder to set your focus ahead of you and continue to concentrate both in a yoga class or in life.
  • My advice for beginning yogis is: Don’t focus on the other people in the room. You will get so much more out of your practice if you focus on yourself. I promise nobody is looking at you!
  • I’m most grateful for: My amazing family and friends that always support me.
  • My hero is: my mom. She is the strongest, most selfless & loving person I know & my best friend all in one!
  • My one wish for the world is: that we can live in harmony with animals, each other & the Earth without harming one another.

Amy Pablo

Amy started her yoga journey at Release Yoga over 3 years ago. She was looking for a good “workout” but
found so much more.  She recently graduated teacher training from Release and is a mother of 3 
beautiful girls. 
  • My teaching style is: Warm, loving and about self-exploration. Yoga is about the connection with yourself through yourself.

  • My favorite yoga pose is: Tadasana- Mountain Pose.  This pose allows me to connect and engage every part of my body and mind.

  • Yoga has helped me overcome: Low self-confidence and self worth. My yoga practice has allowed me to connect with my true self and has given me the tools to love and accept myself.

  • I love my eyes because they allow me to see the beauty in the world.

  • My favorite goddess is Parvati, Goddess of love and devotion because love is all you need!

  • You must try this healthy snack: Vanilla protein shake with banana and spinach.

  • My favorite Sanskrit phrase is Atma Prema – unconditional self-love because it reminds me to love the light in others and myself.

  • My advice for beginning yogis is: Be kind to yourself. Yoga is about the journey not a destination to the poses. It is your journey not anyone else’s.

  • I’m most grateful for: Finding Yoga! It really has changed my life!

  • The most exotic place I’ve practiced yoga is: The beach at sunrise.

  • I am excited to take my yoga practice to the next level because I learn something new every time I come to my mat.

  • My heroes are: My 3 girls. They remind me every day to be present, loving and kind. 

  • My one wish for the world is: for all to be kind. Be kind to others, the planet, and animals and most important to THEMSELVES.

Nate Jackson

Nate completed his 200 hour teacher training and has been teaching yoga for two years and practicing for over 6. He sees yoga as a playground for communal healing, challenging growth, and exploring physical movement.

My teaching style is: down-to-earth and physically innovative (integrated strength and mobility work).


My favorite yoga pose is: locust so I can pretend to be a jet (and maybe challenge some ujjayi breathing).


Yoga has helped me overcome: neck pain and body shame.


You must try this healthy snack: Krave Jerky it's healthy and unconventional flavors of various dehydrated meats.


My favorite Sanskrit word or phrase is Namaste because I’m basic AF, but seriously because it truly is a lifestyle of appreciating the imago dei (image of God) in everyone.


My advice for beginning yogis is: start with your breath. Master your ujjayi (ocean breath)… google it, study it, practice it at least 5 minutes every day for your first month. It affects everything.


I’m most grateful for: 8 awesome niblings (nephews and nieces).


The most exotic place I’ve practiced yoga is: in my mind… it gets crazy up there.


If I could practice yoga with anyone it would be with my beautiful sister, Tricia, because she introduced me to both yoga and a deep well of grace and compassion.


My heroes are: Aladdin and Abu.


My one wish for the world is: for compassion to become more contagious and invade areas of personal and systemic suffering.

Tamera Anich

Tamera Anich, RYT 200, has been loving yoga for over 13 years and most values how it can offer something to everyone and allow everyone to take it at their own pace. She became a teacher so that she can share that revelation with others, having a great time helping her students discover their path.

  • My teaching style is: Evolving through my experience on the mat and what my students have to teach me.

  • My favorite yoga pose is: Triangle (trikonasana) because there is always something new to discover, adjust, experience and learn in the pose. It reminds me that there is no need for perfection to feel good!

  • Yoga has helped me overcome: My sense that everything has to be just right and organized all the time. Sometimes things on the mat get very messy … and that's the day you're growing.

  • I love my: Skin. It covers all of my body in such a nice way. And it’s smooth and creamy! 

  • My favorite goddess is: Durga because she embodies change and gettin 'er done!  

  • You must try this healthy snack: Frozen grapes ... so sweet and decadent, like nature's candy!  
  • My favorite sanskrit word is: Dharma. I find comfort in having a duty, a purpose that I serve during my existence.   My advice for beginning yogis is: Be kind to yourself ... yoga is a never ending process, not a goal or finish line.  
  • I’m most grateful for: My family and my health - they're both such gifts!   

  • The most exotic place that I’ve practiced yoga is: My back yard, especially when the mosquitoes are in full swing! ;)
  • If I could practice yoga with anyone, it would be: My daughters because it's a great bonding opportunity, and something I can give them that costs nothing but means everything.  
  • I want to take my yoga to the next level by:  I’m taking my good old time to take my yoga to the next level. Why rush that which you enjoy experiencing?  
  • My heroes are: Audrey Hepburn, my daughters, my husband and my parents. They have all had a hand in giving me something to aspire to in myself.  
  • My one wish for the world is: For everyone to experience as much gratitude as possible - it makes a huge difference!
Vinyasa, commonly referred to as a "flow" style, is a flowing, dynamic yoga practice that connects movement with breath. This moderately paced practice seamlessly blends one pose into another to create heat in the body, build strength, improve balance, and increase flexibility. While these classes are appropriate for all levels of practitioners, some experience is suggested. 
Temperature: Warm Flow: 82°-86° 

Upcoming classes:

  • Thu Dec 13 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm with Jordan Smith
  • Fri Dec 14 11:00 am - 11:45 am with Tonya Harriman-Fowler (E-RYT 200)
  • Fri Dec 14 5:00 pm - 5:45 pm with Tonya Harriman-Fowler (E-RYT 200)
  • Sat Dec 15 8:00 am - 9:00 am with Yoga Dave Ajamie (E-RYT 200 / YACEP)
  • Sat Dec 15 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm with Maddy Ritenour
  • Sun Dec 16 9:30 am - 10:30 am with Jordan Smith
  • Mon Dec 17 11:45 am - 12:30 pm with Amy Pablo
  • Mon Dec 17 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm with Nate Jackson
  • Tue Dec 18 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm with Tamera Anich